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The secret message from brother Prince Harry is heartbreaking

The secret message from brother Prince Harry is heartbreaking

And what does the heir to the throne say about the allegations? As expected, nothing! But according to some insiders, Prince William very angry And he becomes disappointed in his little brother. Even at Charles’ coronation, 40-year-old Prince Harry didn’t even look at him, so there was no discussion. But could the tide be turning now?

A photo of William and Harry has been spotted on video

Some royale fans want hints about one Offer a secret peace From Prince William to Prince Harry: In a new video on the royal YouTube channel, Prince William and Princess Kate, 41, offer some insights into Coronation Day according to Page Six and even let the cameras into their four walls. And one detail startled many viewers, because in the living room of Kensington Palace, where there are some family photos, there was also a picture that could be seen. Which Prince William and Prince Harry showed in their childhood with their deceased mother, Princess Diana (36).. A secret message to the royal family? After all, it’s possible that Prince William got a good look at the video before it was released, and the fact that his younger brother is in the clip likely didn’t escape his notice.

But it’s also conceivable that Prince William cared less for his brother Harry than he did for his deceased mother in this photo, and it’s pure coincidence that the camera also caught this photo of all things. Either way, it seems royal fans are still hoping that the feuding brothers will reconcile one day…

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