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Frank Elstner: An exciting retrospective on SWR and NDR TV on New Year’s Eve

Exactly 60 years until New Year’s Day 2021 when the first German TV show was broadcast on New Year’s Eve. Program name:This will end tomorrowThe absolute stars of that time participated in 1961/62, for example B.

In the 1960s, there were other such shows as “After Midnight in the Studio”, “Jolante Let’s Ask” and “Happy New Year”. Then ZDF appeared in 1966/67 with “Catherine’s New Year’s Party” and “The Stars Shine”. Frank ELSTNER remembers these beginnings with the documentary “60 Years of New Year’s Eve! 60 Years of Show!”—but not just about it.

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Photo: SWR / Andrea Krempe

The 1970s: Dance parties and hit shows

In the seventies of the last century, famous stars met. Some of them had their say in the show hosted by Frank ELSTNER, e.g. B.

  • Irene Sher
  • Tony Marshall
  • Roberto Blanco
  • Marilyn Charyl
  • Gate Henning

Shows like “Tanz Party,” “Von uns für Sie,” “Now the Party Really Begins,” and “Something’s Coming to Us” ensured well-kept and well-kept entertainment in the 1970s, when music was more important than fireworks. Another highlight was the 1977 New Year’s Eve show “Amlauf Band” with RUDI CARRELL, when ANDREA JÃ?? RGENs in her first television appearance.

The 80s: New Year’s Eve calls for a concert and an arena of emotions

In the 1980s, the famous New Year’s Eve party, hosted by DAGMAR BERGHOFF and MAX SCHAUTZER, was held several times on the ARD. Both have their say in the exciting New Year’s Eve documentary. Well-known stars of the time such as Caroline Rieber, Frank Farian (Producer of Bonnie M) and Nikki should not be missing.

The 1990s and beyond: Silvesterstadl and DAVID HASSELHOFF in Berlin

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Bild: © SWR/NDR

In 1989, on New Year’s Eve, perhaps the cornerstone was laid for the lavish New Year’s Eve nights in Berlin, which have been directed by JOHANNES B. KERNER and ANDREA KIEWEL for several years. DAVID HASSELHOFF’s live performance as part of “New Year’s Eve” in front of the Brandenburg Gate with “In Search of Freedom” is legendary to this day. Until then, there was “Silvesterstadl” on ARD, which was popular for many years, in the first, and whose successor today is the New Year’s Eve show with JÃ?? RG PILAWA and FRANCINE JORDI. He mentions former Stadl announcer Andy Borg and his co-stars as Stefan Murs, Stephanie Hertel and DJ Ã?? TZI the old days.

RUDI CARRELL, which actually made history on New Year’s Eve in 1977, launched a “7 Days – 7 Heads” format which was also popular for a few years on New Year’s Eve – with two-hour New Year’s Eve specials. Bernd Stelter, Patrice Reacher, and Jochen Boss likely have their say in this vein. – Carmen Niebel and Yu Hebner also talked about their New Year’s Eve memories from that time.

Memories of New Year’s Eve in East Germany are not forgotten

Memories of the previous East German and East German New Year’s Eve also occupied a larger part of the review. While British ROSS ANTONY celebrates its successful concert at MDR, FRANK ELSTNER honors well-known East German entertainment legends such as:

  • Frank SchÃ?? Bill
  • Inca Paus
  • Dagmar Friedrich
  • Wolfgang Lippert
  • Petra Kush Low?? CK

Broadcast date

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Photo: © SWR/WDR/Klaus Görgen

The documentary directed by Frank Elstner “60 Years of New Year’s Eve! 60 Years of Show” promises to be entertaining. Frank Elster, who has also been a guest on the New Year’s Eve shows, will direct the New Year’s Eve nostalgia version. ANNETTE FRIER is the speaker. The documentary will be broadcast on December 31, 2021 by NDR and SWR from 8.15pm.

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Logo and cover photo: © SWR / NDR

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