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The second day of the Indoor World Championships - Kamboongi fell in the final - Moser narrowly lost a medal - Sports

The second day of the Los Angeles Indoor World Championships – Kamboongi fell in the final – Moser narrowly lost the medal – Sports

  • Murir: Detaji Kamboungi stumbles over 60m hurdles in the final in Belgrade after starting a solid start on an hurdle and finishing eighth.
  • Angelica Moser lost a medal in fourth place in the pole vault.
  • Meanwhile, Simon Ehammer takes care of them in the Sevens Switzerland’s second medal in the Indoor World Championships.

It wasn’t supposed to be that way after all. Detaji Kamboungi’s medal dreams suddenly faded into the air in the 60m hurdles final at the World Indoor Athletics Championships. The 19-year-old got stuck in the middle of the road and fell. The sister of world champion Mujinja Kampunge was denied a medal. She looked so good only a short time ago.

The best time to react – then fall

Concretely, this means that Bernese has already topped out in the semi-finals with a clear new Swiss record. She lowered her December best (7.94 seconds) by 5 milliseconds to 7.89 seconds. Also in the final it looked like a great performance – best reaction time at the start, and Kaponge was among the first. Until the fall ruined the medal dream. However, she could already be more than satisfied with the finals.

Surprise Cyrena Samba-Mayela won the gold by setting a French record. Devin Charlton (Bahrain) and Gabrielle Cunningham (US) won the silver and bronze medals.

For Noemi Zbären, the adventure in the World Indoor Championships is over after a very close decision. After her best pre-qualifying performance, Emmentaler also showed a sprint in the semi-finals and finished third in 8.01 seconds. She missed the final by a fraction of a second.

Victory after escaping in the car

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Ukrainian Yaroslava Mahocic braved frustrating and adverse conditions and won the high jump. The 20-year-old spent several days in a basement after the Russian invasion of Ukraine before she was able to flee her hometown of Dnipro. Mahocic traveled three days by car to Belgrade, where she cut 2.02m and won on Saturday.

Moser just missed the medal

Meanwhile, Angelica Moser just missed out on another medal after winning the European Championship. The Zurich native made a solid start to the competition, jumping 4.60m on the first attempt and staying in the medal ranks for quite a while. But when she then failed three times due to a height of 4.70m, her medal dreams were shattered.

However, Moser could be more than satisfied with the fourth place. A year ago, Moser jumped 4.75m for her European title in Torun, Poland, bringing her best personal best. American Sandy Morris won the world championship gold.

Olympic champion Sprint is now also the indoor world champion

The sudden Olympic champion over 100 meters, Italy’s Lamont Jacobs, succeeded in confirming his reversal in Tokyo last July. He won the 60-meter final by three thousand seconds ahead of American Christian Coleman. The winning time was 6.41 seconds.