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The Seahawks had a true playoff chance with a victory over the LA Rams

The Seattle Seahawks retained their chance to make the playoffs. The Northwest team defeated their rivals, the Los Angeles Rams, 19-16 after overtime, completing their mission.

Now the Seahawks have to hope to defeat or tie the Green Bay Packers, who meet the Detroit Lions on Monday night.

The strange thing is: due to the victory of the Seahawks, Detroit’s rival of all people, on whose support they depend, they no longer have a chance to reach the knockout stages.

Gino Smith didn’t have a good day in what was a season-deciding match. The quarterback caught a touchdown pass to Tyler Lockett, but made two interceptions, one even in overtime.

After all, running back Kenneth Walker jumped into the holeā€”he saved 114 yards of space with his running back.

The kicker marks the field goal attempt at the post

Kicker Jason Myers also caused a stir when he kicked the bars from 46 yards a second before the end of regulation time. After all, he converted from 32 yards out in overtime and secured the Seahawks’ ninth win of the season.

Super Bowl champion Los Angeles already had no chance of making the playoffs before losing its 12th of the season.