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The Schlager star is clearly rebuking the presenter

The Schlager star is clearly rebuking the presenter

‘The Masked Singer’: Katja Epstein was the first celebrity to be unmasked.Photo: Prosipen/Willie Weber


Charlotte zinc

Whether shiny, delicate or just sweet: on Saturday evening at ProSieben, mysterious singing figures appeared on stage again. Because: “The Masked Singer” has begun its ninth season. Eight masked celebrities sang for the audience and guessing team at the beginning. There has been innovation at the board table just in time for the new season. Instead of singer Rhea Garvey, musician Alvaro Soler took a seat next to Ruth Moschner.

The evaluation team’s guest on Saturday evening was investigative journalist Jenke von Wilmsdorf. However, it soon became clear that his instincts had not yet been sharpened by the singing of the masked people.

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“The Masked Singer”: These are the masks

  • Ice princess
  • fire extinguisher
  • Mustang
  • Lollipop
  • Martian mouse
  • Okapi
  • troll
  • Kiwi
  • Claus Claus

Ruth Moschner teaches Jenke von Wilsdorf

For example, “Giovanni Zarrelli” was written after a huge garden gnome who introduces himself as Santa Claus’s half-brother as he sings “Love Is Running Out.” “Zarrella,” the veteran Moschner corrected and indicated to von Wilmsdorff that he was currently performing live on ZDF. “today?” asked the journalist. “Live is always today,” Moschner replied, amused.

The Masked Singer

The Masked Singer guessing team: Jenke von Wilmsdorf, Ruth Moschner, and Alvaro Soler.Photo: Prosipen/Willie Weber

There has also been wild speculation about ‘Mustang’, who has reportedly been a former very successful star and is now celebrating her big comeback.

Florian Silbereisen with Helene Fischer private lessons?

While Moschner and her colleagues speculated about who had just sung “Eye of the Tiger,” a name also came up: Florian Silbereisen. Von Wilmsdorf noted that “no pop singer is so conceited” as to hide in a costume.

Moschner said he is a “great musician” and “very athletic.” Two adjectives that speak of Silbereisen. “A few lessons from Helen Fisher, and then tomorrow it will come down from the ceiling,” she joked.

The okapi must go

It was not yet revealed on Saturday whether it was actually Silbereisen. Instead of Mustang, it was the colorful Okabe who received the fewest audience votes and had to take off her mask. In light of the evidence and performance, Moschner’s consulting team was at a loss. “Amanda Lear,” Moschner wrote hesitantly. Von Wilmsdorf surmised that she might have been a “grand dame” – and this time she was right.

The Masked Singer

Katja Epstein was the okapi.Photo: Prosipen/Willie Weber

Because: When the mask fell, a disheveled Katja Epstein appeared. “It is amazing!” Moschner said happily to the singer and actress. “How great, how great, how great!” exclaimed broadcaster Matthias Opdenheuvel. He wanted to know from Epstein whether she had fun or not. “Yes,” she answered completely unconvincingly, adding: “It was a sweaty affair!”

Technical malfunctions during the final performance

Maybe she was hoping she could leave the stage quickly. When Opdenheuvel announced that she had to sing her song again, she said something a little excited: “Oh my God.” Unfortunately, Epstein’s final performance was not smooth sailing: “When does this start?” Epstein asked while the music was already playing. Apparently she couldn’t hear the music properly and missed the signal. “There’s nothing here,” she said, pointing to her earbuds.

Carpendale despairs of Katya Epstein

Maybe it was also due to this technical glitch. But the truth is: When Anne-Marie Carpendale went on stage to interview Epstein for Aftershow magazine, she had a lot of problems with the actress.

During the conversation, Epstein held her okapi mask so that most of her face was hidden. When Carpendale offered to hold the head for her, she declined, explaining that she was holding the mask in front of her face because she did not have as good make-up as herself.

“This is not an accomplishment,” the 78-year-old commented when Carpendale praised her performance. “I’m not a legend!” She also made this clear when the broadcaster talked about her as one of them. Von Wilmsdorf also got rid of his fat. He explained of Epstein: “This is a comeback now!” She replied dryly: “No, I never walked away!” However, she wanted to get away from the stage quickly that evening, she explained. “Kids, I’m so hot!” Epstein complained. When her performance was finally over, she ran away very quickly.

By the way, eight masked people will be performing again next week, despite Okabe’s farewell. Then there’s the Mouse of Mars, which didn’t make it to Saturday’s opening act. Apparently because the flight was too far. Is this evidence of the person wearing the costume?