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The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5 surprisingly shows itself with two cover screens in this video

According to the images, Samsung will be the successor to the Galaxy Z Flip4 (here Available on Amazon) Two screens are installed on the outside, on the one hand the projected cover screen is almost square in shape, but in addition to the two cameras and the LED flash, it also appears to be a small status display, for example for the time and notifications. It remains to be seen if these triple-width images are just the stuff of the artist’s imagination or have a real basis, but with the South Korean YouTuber Super Roader, the concept designer certainly had a high-profile advisor on his side.

It is said that a former Samsung employee is behind this, who has often given pre-correct information in the past, and recently told him that the Galaxy Watch6 Pro should again have a rotating bezel. Insiders may also provide new inside information about the Galaxy Z Flip 5, which you can also see in the rendering video below. However, it should be noted that no evidence of the design of the three screens has been presented yet, so some skepticism seems warranted.