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The Saints defeated the Seahawks: a wild push between two NFL stars!  - American sports

The Saints defeated the Seahawks: a wild push between two NFL stars! – American sports

It’s Monday night when the NFL has a really cool meltdown!

In “Monday Night,” the New Orleans Saints beat the Seattle Seahawks by 13:10. Fourth win this season for Louisiana.

Totally silly
How could Mahomes not break his neck here?

What: NFL

bam! What a start!

DK Metcalf gets a pass from substitute quarterback Gino Smith on the sidelines – and he runs, runs, runs, runs!

84 yards – sprint in the end zone. His neon-colored shoes beat on the wet floor. Mad! Bonus points fly, too. 7-0 Start for the Seahawks!

For the first time since Christmas Eve 2011, a game is being played at Seattle Stadium without Russell Wilson (missing after finger surgery) as the quarterback. Since then, the Seahawks have won 75 percent of their games at home. Third place in NFL history behind New England and Green Bay.

And then it’s really round!

Wild stampede between daredevils Marshawn Lattimore (The Saints) and DK Metcalfe (Seahawks). violent!

Ruling rushes between them. Then this! Latimore do not rest assured, go to judgment too! Lucky for him, he won’t get kicked off the field because of that!

Metcalf and Latimore quarrel over and over, who couldn’t stop the Seahawks star on first touchdown.

In the constant rain, the toy splashes on itself. Curious: American commentators prefer to discuss why some of the flags in the stadium are waved to the left and to the right next to it. This shows just how crazy the storm is sweeping the Lumen field.


Despite the storm and rain: fans are in a good mood

Photo: John Froschauer / AP

Then it finally rains points again! Brian Johnson cut short a field goal for the Saints. 3: 7!

Alvin Camara turns the throttle fully into the finish zone. drop! Plus an extra point! Suddenly Saints 10:7 leads!

Seahawks kicker Jason Myers misses a field shot. Fits Category: Wind…

Shortly before the end of the third quarter, Myers’ plane sails between the columns. Compensation! 10:10!

And Myers again! And once again rushes his attempt to pay in the field! Stay exciting!

Then the Saints tour again! Kicker Brian Johnson hits from 33 yards. 13:10! This was preceded by a stupid mistake by the Seahawks’ defense, allowing the guests to approach the gate.

the decision! For the Seahawks, it’s already their fifth loss of the season.


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