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The Russian Luna-25 probe crashed on the moon

The Russian Luna-25 probe crashed on the moon

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The Russian Luna-25 probe crashed on the moon

The first Russian mission to the Moon in nearly 50 years failed.


Vostochny Cosmodrome: This rocket carried the Luna-25 space probe.

France Press agency

The Russian Luna 25 spacecraft is, according to the Russian Space Agency Roscosmos Crashed on the moon. Roscosmos announced on Sunday that communication with the space probe was lost on Saturday at approximately 2:57 p.m. (local time, 1:57 p.m. CET).

The probe entered an uncontrolled orbit. Already on Saturday, Roscosmos reported an “unusual situation” on board the Luna-25 aircraft, which made the planned maneuvers impossible.

The lunar mission began on August 10 with the launch of the rocket.

AFP / Roscosmos

Luna 25 was it the first Russian expedition to the moon, Since a Soviet probe brought soil samples to Earth in 1976. The lander was scheduled to land at the lunar south pole on Monday. This one is particularly important to scientists because it’s constantly in the shadows, so there might be water ice there.

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