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The royal family scolded Meghan in private SMS!

The royal family scolded Meghan in private SMS!

Prince Harry with his family in the basement. This is supported by the news that has now been released between Meghan and her PR consultant.

The basics in brief

  • Megan wrestles with one of Britain’s biggest newspapers in court.
  • New details are constantly emerging in the process.
  • So now everyone can read how Prince Harry was insulted by his family.

Now everything comes out to light!

In Operation Prince Harry (37) and Meghan Markle (40) Against the newspaper “Mail on Sunday” became private newsletter general. Britain’s Sky News is now publishing the correspondence between Meghan and PR agent Jason Knauf. And that’s it.

The posts show how tense the situation between the Sussex family and the royal family was in the run-up to the MiGEST conference. Meghan’s text message said Harry was “constantly humiliated” by his family.

The royals are hated over Meghan’s fight with Babi

In it, the black-haired beauty invites the audience to quarrel with her the father Thomas Markle (77). Meghan said the reasons for the row could not be understood by members of the royal family “in principle”.

It should have been especially roaring between Prince Harry and his princess the father Prinz Charles (73).

Meghan wrote to her advisor at the time: ‘Even after a week with his advisor the father And endless explanations of the situation, his family seems to forget the context and always ask the question ‘Can she [Meghan] Don’t you just go to him and finish him off? ›Back.»

Meghan wanted to protect Prince Harry with a message

Moreover he says in the post newsletter: “To protect my husband from this constant abuse,” she will be her husband the father write a letter.

But this letter provided a precious little relaxation. This was later published by the Mail on Sunday newspaper without the Duchess of Sussex’s consent. Meghan Markle She saw the violation of her personal rights and handed over Legal action against the publisher.

Do you feel sorry for Harry and Meghan?

After Prince Harry’s wife was right in the first place, the Associated Newspapers resumed at the beginning of the year. As part of this renewed measure, she’s now private newsletter generic making.

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