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The Rosenheim Cops character makes an unexpected comeback — almost unrecognizable

The Rosenheim Cops character makes an unexpected comeback — almost unrecognizable

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from: Armin T Linder

Filming for the 23rd season of Rosenheim Cops is currently underway. There’s also an unexpected return, as photos from the set show.

Munich – Do you remember every one? Rosenheim PoliceWhich episode have you watched in the past few months? Mostly not. The last 22nd season episode “Die Neue und der Ex” (first broadcast: January 17, 2023) should have been stuck in many people’s memories. Anton Stadler (Dieter Fisher) And Bert Andreessen (Sophie Milbinger) Investigate the ‘Luxury Air Resort’ where personal assistant Edward Jangofer was murdered. Stadler had to plunge into a world alien to him: the world of influencers.

Rosenheim Cops: Many fans probably still remember the character of Jana Serana

This is how Rosenheim police detectives get to know the character of Jana Serana (Sohaila Amadi) and the public as well. © Screenshot: ZDF

At the beginning of the episode, Commissioner Stadler asks his co-investigator: “Well, fellow, just to be sure: influencers are the people who give advice about certain things in social media, right?” Mr. Stadler. And Jana Serana is an expert in beauty and sports, for example. I think she has a million followers. Jene Jana Serana is at the center of the Rosenheim Cops episode and is played by Soheila Amadi. Not many viewers should forget the character of the influencer who lives a double life. Mini spoiler cue: Leberkas!

Sohaila Amadi actually played influencer Jana Serana in an episode of Season 22
Sohaila Amadi actually played influencer Jana Serana in an episode of Season 22. © Screenshot: ZDF

Most of the episode’s characters appear in Rosenheim Police in only one episode (Sometimes the performers return in a different guise) then not again. But there are always exceptions. Ganting’s mayor, Karl Schretzmaier (Jürgen Tunkel), is one of the regular guests, and he himself For a while, the role of courier Hannes Winkler was played by Steffen Wolf, who is permanently incorporated into the series as the caretaker.

Rosenheim Cops: Souhaila Amadi as influencer Jana Serana again in Season 23

Now it’s clear: there will also be a reunion with Jana Serana! Because it will be in The twenty-third season, which will begin airing in the fall, again circling through the Rosenheim police. Actress Amadi revealed this on her Instagram — where else? The actress, who was born in 1996, wrote about three photos “Jana is back with new hair @dierosenheimcops” (you can see the other photos by scrolling / clicking on the arrows). The script team seems to have impressed with his first guest appearance.

Rosenheim Cops: Souhaila Amadi shows off her new hair color

“The role is already back,” Amade assures Of course, she is not allowed to reveal more. Stylish apartment can be seen on Instagram photos as wallpaper. Amadi wears a wide, brightly colored dress. But the real highlight is her hair. These now shine brown and red. At least in the first of the three photos, she’s barely recognizable from her Rosenheim Cops debut. Fans also love the new look. They write “You’re Beautiful in Every Role” and “Hot”. You can get curious about it.

The stars of Eposiden are currently posting their impressions of the shoot. Another recently sent a bunch of photos to Instagram, Created in a famous cruise restaurant in Bavaria. Do you know the place right away? (flexible)