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The River Rats aren’t always up to par defensively

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to: Thomas Wenceslaus

Geretsrieder forwards around Ondrej Horvath (center) missed big chances, while TSV Erding took their chances in a 6:4 victory on the ice. © Hans Liebert

Despite being strong in the final third, ESC Geretsried lost their Christmas home match against TSV Erding 4:6. Coach Hans Tauber was particularly dissatisfied with the display of his defense.

Geretsried – Geretsried ice hockey team continued to slip away on their way to the Bayernliga championship round: at 4:6 (1:3, 1:3, 2:0) on Sunday night against TSV Erding, River Raats conceded their second defeat of the Christmas break . “We weren’t always up to par defensively, and we didn’t have access to the opposing attackers,” Hans Tauber-John admitted. a. The ESC coach said Erdinger’s victory was deserved and once again lamented that “we create a lot of chances, but we score very few goals”.

The guests started energetically and four minutes later they took the lead through Philippe Michel. Gradually the first opportunities came to Gerrits’ dryers, who had to lay off Martin Kohler, Benedict May and Bernard Jord. But while Jakub Rzak, Daniel Merl and Ondrej Horvath failed several times against TSV goalkeeper Thomas Hengel, Michael Franz (14) and Daniil Krzyszuk (15) on the other side before Michael Harrier (16) reduced the goal to 1:3.

Outnumbered, Sebastian Bosch extended Erdinger’s lead to 4: 1 after 24 minutes, but Florian Strobel brought River Rats to 2: 4 in the power play (36). Once again it was top scorer Krzyszczuk who beat ESC’s good goalkeeper Joanna May with two shots to make the score 2: 5 (37) and 2: 6 (38).

In the final section, the hosts turned up the heat again and also benefited from a number of penalties from the guests. However, it was no longer enough for Strobel 3: 6 (51st) in the majority and Harrier 4: 6 (55th), especially since Xaver Hochstrasser and Horvath missed first-class chances. But My ESC case has distinguished itself three more times. “We scored the important goals at the right time,” analyzed Erding’s manager, former national player Felix Schutz. partially

Geretsred – Erding 4: 6 (1: 3, 1: 3, 2: 0) – Goals: 0: 1 (3:47) Michel (Bosch), 0: 2 (13:01) Franz, 0: 3 (14 ): 44) Krzizok (Wallek), 1:3 (15:46) Harrer (Hochstrasser, Huber), 1:4 (23:19) Busch (Krzizok 4-5), 2:4 (35:41) Strobl ( 5) -4), 2:5 (36:08) Krzyszczuk (Franz), 2:6 (37:57) Krzyszczuk (Blehal), 3:6 (50:22) Strobel (5-4), 4:6 (54) 33) Harrer (Bursch (4-4). – Penalty minutes: ESC 14, TSV 16. – Spectators: 450.