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The redwood tree on Herten's Otto-Wels-Platz cannot be salvaged

The redwood tree on Herten’s Otto-Wels-Platz cannot be salvaged

  • FromCarola Wagner


Only a few branches of the huge Solitary Tree in Herten’s Otto-Wels-Platz have green buds. The rest of the crown dried out.

In August last year, passers-by asked themselves Place in front of Kaufland V Hartn: What’s wrong with that Redwood tree? There was the tall colossus that had the entrance to the pedestrian zone Hermannstraße Note, most needles fell off long before the usual time. Only a few branches still show some green.

The endangered giant in Herten is supplied with water

Staff Central Warehouse (ZBH) Then to work, remove the layer of mulch inside Tree grate And I began to moisturize the proud giant. As of the second week in August, he had got about 3,000 liters of water and a special tree fertilizer every working day.

Most of the Redwood branches in Harten are dry and bare

Now in April it became clear to the average person that a miracle was needed to save the wood’s life. It is sad there. Only a few places indicate Green youth On. Most branches are dry and bare. One of them broke up while he was hung with it Fairy lights Under.

Hertener Stadtwerke does not see any contact with a leak in the area heating tube

How can you get this far? It claims wood comes well Heat and dehydration Clear. Since a leak was detected in the area heating tube in the yard at the same time the tree was losing its leaves, it is suspected that this accident may have damaged the wood. Our newspaper asked the utility company if this similarity is possible. The spokeswoman nods aside: “Based on the data we have, we cannot find any connection between them Leakage in the heating tube area On Otto-Wels-Platz or associated work and Redux tree case. “ Reason: The leak occurred in the Rathaus Café area in Herten.