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The reason is Russia, China and North Korea

The reason is Russia, China and North Korea

An American long-range Rockwell B-1 bomber could be equipped with nuclear weapons (Image: Alliance / ABACA)

The White House's National Security Adviser Pranai Wadi said that Russia, China and North Korea are not very interested in arms control. In addition, countries are increasingly cooperating with Iran in ways that are contrary to peace and stability, heightening regional tensions and threatening the United States and its partners.

Vaddi says that in the US they focus on a “better approach” and try “creative solutions”. However, he warned that if developments regarding adversaries' arsenals did not change, the United States would soon reach a point where it would have to increase its nuclear arsenal. Its purpose is to ensure the possibility of achieving prevention and other goals in the future.

Earlier in the evening, Russian President Putin told the St. Petersburg Economic Forum that Russia was not considering a nuclear attack in a conflict with the West over Ukraine. The Kremlin boss announced the suspension of the last major treaty on nuclear arms control in 2023. It was a “fresh start” deal with the US. It controls both countries' nuclear arsenals and regulates inspections.

This message was sent on June 7, 2024 in the Deutschlandfunk program.