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The Rams and Bengals football teams play in the Super Bowl «

The Rams and Bengals football teams play in the Super Bowl «

The Los Angeles Rams and the Cincinnati Bengals qualified for the Super Bowl on Sunday. The Super Bowl is the final game of the American Football Championship and is the largest sporting event in the United States each year. This year, the Super Bowl takes place on February 13 in Los Angeles.

15.43, January 31, 2022


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The Rams can win the championship at home in their own court. For the Bengals, it’s about their first-ever Super Bowl win.

Interpretation: American football

American football is very popular in the United States. Two teams play against each other on the field. Each team must defend its own territory. The other team must try to get the egg-shaped ball forward far into the field.

Players can throw the ball or push it forward themselves. You can also catch and hit your opponent. There is a similar game in Europe. It’s called rugby.