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The Queen thanked the people of England for the annual festivities

The four-day jubilee celebration of Queen Elizabeth ends. In a message, the king thanked the British people.

Briefly essential

  • Queen Elizabeth revealed herself again at the annual ceremony of the throne.
  • In a message, he thanked the people of Great Britain for their sympathy.
  • She was humble and deeply touched, and encouraged the emperor.

After the end of Queen Elizabeth II Jubilee celebrations for the birthday of his throne He thanked the people of Britain for their concern. The Queen’s message was released on Sunday evening that there were no guidelines to follow.

“But I am humbled and deeply moved that so many have come to celebrate my Platinum anniversary.” Although she is not able to participate in all the events, she takes everyone in the country to her heart. Will continue to serve people “with the support of my family, as much as I can.”

In the message, she begins, as always, “Elizabeth R.” – To Regina, the Latin word for queen – The queen insisted that she was inspired by so much grace and joy. “And I hope this renewed sense of community will be felt over the years.”

The Queen had previously appeared with her close family on the balcony of Buckingham Palace. The 96-year-old decided not to attend two of the four days of the festival for health reasons.

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