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The Queen no longer wants to be silent تعد

The Queen no longer wants to be silent تعد

Shortly after the birth of Lillibit Diana Mountbatten-Windsor, the daughter of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry, there appears to be another feud between the Sussex family and the British royal family. The reason for this was to name the offspring of the Sussex.

According to the BBC, Prince Harry never asked his grandmother if he could name his daughter after her. While Prince Harry claims to have sought the Queen’s permission, insiders disagree. The palace says nothing about it.

Also the question of whether or not the Queen has actually met her younger grandchildren. While Meghan and Harry were said to have leaked information to the media that the Queen had actually met Lillibet Diana, palace insiders denied this: “This video call never happened.”

For over a year, it seems Meghan and Harry have wanted to make life difficult for the Queen. The couple made frequent comments on internal family affairs and made serious allegations against the minors. And now the British Queen wants to fend for herself, the Mail on Sunday reported. This is completely contrary to their motto “Never Complain, Never Explain” (“Never Complain, Never Explain”).

According to the Mail on Sunday website, the Queen wanted to change course in this regard and asked her staff to correct all statements that misrepresent her private conversations or those of other royals.