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The Queen does not wish her a happy birthday

The Queen does not wish her a happy birthday

Bad dig at Meghan Markle? Instead of wishing the Duchess a happy birthday, the Queen posted something about Princess Anne yesterday.


The basics in brief

  • Meghan Markle celebrated her birthday on August 4th.
  • As usual, Charles and William congratulated the Duchess on Twitter.
  • On the other hand, the Queen may not have thought that Jabouri’s greeting was necessary.

Meghan Markle received many congratulations yesterday. Because the Duchess celebrated her 41st birthday.

As every year, his father-in-law Charles (73) also sent a William’s son-in-law (40) their peace Twitter. But the Queen (96) herself? I caught Megan cold.

was different in the last year Outside. At the time, King sent out a tweet with cute snapshots. “I wish a happy birthday to the Duchess of Sussex,” she said.

Meghan Markle can only dream of such a message this year. Because of TwitterThe Queen’s account wasn’t completely silent yesterday. Instead, the head of the British royal family preferred to post about Princess Anne’s appearance. Ouch!

Do you like to celebrate your birthday?

after every thing: royal expert according to wife Prince Harry (37) His birthday is still comforting. Megan loves to be in the kitchen so I guess she’ll just wait to join us archery Kinsey Schofield told The News.

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