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The publication must have spawned a flood of Christoph Blocher flyers at state expense

The publication must have spawned a flood of Christoph Blocher flyers at state expense

Federal building

Postmen have to sort through a flood of flyers for Blocher – taxpayers pay

The neutral fighting forces of Christoph Blocher flooded the parliament building with tens of thousands of postcards against the delivery of weapons. Postmen now have to sort through the deluge of flyers—at taxpayers’ expense.


Senior Vice President Christoph Blocher and his militant organization Pro Switzerland showered the Federal Palace with tens of thousands of postcards of councilors.

20 minutes / Tadeo Cerletti

  • Christoph Blocher “Pro Choice” sent tens of thousands of postcards to members of the National Council and the Council of States.

  • The senior vice president protested when the authorities stopped handing out individual cards against handing over the guns because of the screening efforts.

  • Now Swiss Post employees have to step in and sort the cards in the Federal Palace – at taxpayers’ expense.

Switzerland must directly or indirectly weapons for Ukraine delivery? Politicians have been arguing about this for months. The new “Switzerland Professional” takes a clear stance Organized by Christoph Blücher. Senior Vice President Heavyweights such as Adrian Amstutz, Walter Wobmann, Ulrich Schlueer and Christoph Mörgeli sit on the board.

In the spring session, to strengthen its position, the organization flooded in The Parliament Building has tens of thousands of postcards for neutrality. These letters were addressed directly to the members of the council – the parliamentarians’ offices were covered by the Blocher-Post.

The council was treacherously upset by the action. After a few days, the parliamentary services became overwhelmed with sorting bulk mail and stopped handing out cards. Instead, the chests were stowed with the right column at the inner counter.

The later sorts the Blocher publication for 6,300 francs

This greatly displeased Senior Vice President Thomas Ashe’s faction leader. By questioning the Federal Council, he wanted to know whether the stay of extradition was legal. The Zug National Council referred to the duty of postal delivery and suggested that the Post Office assist in the sorting.

As you know 20 minutes later, intense discussions have already followed between the yellow giant and the parliamentary services. “Since the end of March 2023, the Post has been supporting the parliamentary services in counting cards,” says Post spokesman Stefan Donner now.

When asked, Karin Burkhalter, media spokeswoman for Parliamentary Services, confirmed that since March 29, two Swiss Post employees have been sorting cards “every day for an average of four hours”. The taxpayer incurs costs of around 6,300 francs – excluding VAT.

Parliamentary Services: Only SVP is provided directly

The authorities already know what will happen on Tuesday during the Credit Suisse extraordinary session. “During the session, cards are placed on their desks at the request of the senior vice president,” says Burkhalter. Council members from all other factions can also request this service. Otherwise, the cards will be “sorted ready to collect”.

The different treatment of the parties can be understood as digging in the first cum. For now, Thomas Eshi is satisfied: “By law, postal items must be delivered to recipients according to the shipping address.” It is therefore right that “they should now be handed over to individual parliamentarians by order of the Secretary-General of the Federal Assembly”.

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