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The Psychology of Success – The self-fulfilling prophecy is a gift – knowledge

The Psychology of Success – The self-fulfilling prophecy is a gift – knowledge


If you predict positive things, you can achieve a lot. But beware: you can also influence yourself negatively.

Do you know that? You wish for something – for example a promotion – and then it actually happens. This is not magic, it is a self-fulfilling prophecy. A self-fulfilling prediction. Because we unconsciously act according to the prophecy. But we don’t always give positive predictions.

A self-fulfilling prophecy is a deeply human thing. Who has not affected negatively or positively on himself? Perhaps you met the man or woman of your dreams, did a great job on an exam or finally got the long-awaited job?

Our thoughts can influence our behaviour

Psychologist and psychotherapist Sandra Figoli-Hofstetter is also familiar with this mechanism: “Our thoughts can influence our behavior. But we often forget about it.” A self-fulfilling prophecy is very valuable, she is convinced of this. What I think about a particular situation or person ultimately affects that person or situation. In the 1960s, American scientists selected some students at random and told the teachers that these children were particularly gifted. After one year show upIt found that the randomly selected students improved their performance significantly more than the control group.

“It’s impressive,” Feglioli-Hofstetter admits. You look Self-fulfilling prophecy as a gift.

Anyone who predicts something for himself automatically acts in this direction unconsciously.

The expert recommends setting a goal, talking about that goal over and over, and telling others about it. This way you think more about the goal – And to some extent affect yourself positively.

Sharing this goal with others also creates a positive environment in which prophecy can thrive. “In this way, the goal is more likely to be reached than if we had not told anyone about it,” says the psychologist. Anyone who would like to be promoted would do well to express interest in climbing the career ladder. So: have the courage to make a self-fulfilling prophecy! achieve your dreams.

A negative self-fulfilling prophecy

Negatively affecting oneself is also a profound human matter. You allow yourself to be bullied – before a lecture, for example – so that you fail right away. “With our hands we will have a positive influence on each other and not worry about prejudices,” says the expert. This is actually about prejudices, towards oneself, but also towards others.

Sandra Figolioli-Hofstetter gives an example: “If I suppose in my mind that my neighbor does not love me every time I see him, a dangerous regression begins with time—I greet rudely or with time not at all anymore—and he really doesn’t love me in the end.”

The psychologist recommends focusing on a positive, self-fulfilling prophecy. This works especially well if you talk to him or her yourself before the presentation—just as you would to a friend: “The presentation will be a hit, I won’t mess it up, I can do it.” Perhaps then the supposedly hostile neighbor becomes a friend.