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The product is already 13 years old – amazing results

The product is already 13 years old – amazing results

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Millions of tons of food end up in garbage in Germany every year. But are the products still edible years later? Testing shows that.

MUNICH – One reporter wanted to know more, and he recently tried it himself. At the supermarket, she specifically bought items that no longer had a long shelf life and put them in her refrigerator for another two to three weeks. After that, the food was past its expiration date. But still edible?

the ntv-Correspondent Anna Acker He dares to experiment for himself – with some reservations: cheesy bread and foie gras that is one month old, sausages that are two weeks old, chocolate pudding that is four weeks old, and smoked salmon that is four days old. The journalist gets reinforcements from nutritionist Kirsten Obermoser. She recommends relying on your senses when trying: smell, sight and taste.

A reporter examines expired food – and comes to an obvious conclusion

The result was surprising: chocolate pudding and sausages tasted good and could be eaten without hesitation. Things are different with cheese. Ten days later they developed green mold spots – inedible. The bread I ate also caused stomach pain. However, salmon did not cause any symptoms after eating it. But be careful: fish products should be avoided after the best-before date. Otherwise you run the risk of salmonella poisoning.

The reporter was particularly surprised by the thirteen-year-old canned potato soup. The consistency took some getting used to, but it still tastes good and can be eaten without any worries.

Pasta, rice and salt: Many products have an expiration date that is not necessary for consumption before © IMAGO / Christian Ohde

Federal Ministry and experts: “The best before date is just a guideline”

“The best before date is just a guideline. If in doubt, I will check most products myself. Most things always have a longer shelf life,” said nutritionist Kerstin Obermoser. This also Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture “The best before date (best before date) is not a date that can be dispensed with,” he warns. This also confirms Many studies. The basic rule is: do not consume moldy products.

Even a large cut can no longer repair damage caused by mold and is not always visible to the human eye. The situation is different with long-life hard cheeses or dried meat products such as Italian salami or Spanish Serrano ham. In some cases, the rotted areas can be cut off and the product can still be eaten.

Best before and use by dates: These are the differences

The best-before and use-up dates are specified by the manufacturer. There is no legal regulation in Germany on how the date is determined. According to food labeling regulations, for example, no best-by date or expiry date must be specified for table salt. The situation is different with iodized salt. The best before date (MHD) for this is required by law, as the effectiveness of iodine can be reduced if stored for a long time. After the best before date, the iodine content may not match the amount stated on the package.

Added iodized table salt does not require an indication of the best-by-date and, according to the batch labeling regulation, must only be provided with a batch number if present. call again To identify affected products. This 100 million year old Alpine salt can be consumed in peace and quiet for generations to come. Stricter expiration date: Consumer goods with an expiration date pose a health risk to people from germs after the expiration date. This relates to the following:

  • Minced meat
  • Poultry products
  • Milk
  • Fish products
  • Seafood such as mussels, shrimp, crab, lobster, etc.

Food waste: the European Union launches a campaign

Land in Germany every year About eleven million tons of food is in the trash. According to estimates, in the European Union region 88 million tons of food are wasted every year. This equates to about 173 kilograms per person. The European Commission also believes that this is too much, and in 2017 it set itself the goal of reducing food waste by up to 30 percent by 2025 and by 50 percent by 2030. In Germany, some politicians want to Cancel the best before date completely.

Supermarkets and discount stores such as Lidl, Edeka, Aldi and Co. To get rid of as little food as possible. That’s why only items with a short shelf life are marked down, according to the best before date. And clearly. Some products are discounted by up to 90 percent. But 20 or 30 percent can also be noted on the receipt. Online stores now also specialize in selling foods that are well past their expiration date. One thing is clear: anyone who chooses products shortly before their preferred time when doing their weekly shopping is not necessarily putting their health at risk, but above all their wallet. (Las)