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“The power is gone…?  “Plan B” at the Teufen Yodling Club

“The power is gone…? “Plan B” at the Teufen Yodling Club

The front of the program flyer reads: “Power has ended…?” Plan B. However, there was no sign of any of this until after the long pause. There was no need for an alternative plan, on the contrary. Everything on stage went as usual over the past months and weeks. The choir delighted the audience with a variety of songs from Zäuerli to songs such as “z’Alp”, “Äti Sing mit mir”, “Drei Edelstee” and “Farewell from the Alp”.

A special treat for the eyes and ears was undoubtedly Schellezäuerli and Zäuerli, which featured Becki Taler. Club president Marcus Wilde did not promise much of an audience at first: the Teufen Yodeling Club, led by Hanswille Hirsch, seeks to develop and spread Appenzell’s singing culture there.

Tank for electricity security

Also this year, the men of the yodel club — and one woman — turned out to have acting talent. In the musical “The Power’s Gone…?” Written by Leo Kohler. There was much to laugh about in Plan B when the frightening electricity shortage was discussed. The solution was found through the Haseln-Teufen Reservoir Project. The new “Tüüfner” lake, the “Lido di Lago” and the associated camp were the scenes of turbulent events enriched by lyrical interludes.

It was an evening of enjoying, pausing, humming and leaning back, and the actors, both on stage and behind it, received a well-deserved standing ovation.