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The pop-up bike path in Würzburg aims to make space for cyclists

The pop-up bike path in Würzburg aims to make space for cyclists

In Corpus Christi, cyclists get a few extra hours in Saalgasse: With a pop-up bike path on the east side of the road between Löwenbrücke and Alter Mainbrücke, the alliance “Verkehrswende Jetzt” participates in a national campaign for World Cycling Day.

“We want to show that there will be more than enough space for a structurally separated bike lane in Saalgasse due to the very wide car lane – without missing out on parking spaces,” explains Marie Buechner, spokeswoman for the Würzburg Cycling Decision. . The temporary cycle path will be constructed at Corpus Christi from 1pm to 5pm from the end of the existing dedicated bike lane at the end of Mergentheimer Straße down Löwenbrücke towards the city center to Alte Mainbrücke. Car traffic is still possible in both directions.

Similar campaigns in 30 other cities

In this area, bicycle traffic must change to the other side of the street via the pedestrian traffic light and, among other things, drive through the narrow Burkarder Tor in order to then reach the Alte Mainbrücke via Burkarder Strasse, which is designated as a bicycle route. On this road, there are always conflicts with pedestrians, and the bicycle route “is not particularly attractive to cyclists due to the large volume of vehicles and the density of parking spaces,” Buchner continued.

According to the current situation, there will be similar campaigns nationwide in nearly 30 cities on June 3. “With our pop-up bike paths, we show where there is an urgent need for a safe cycling space? And how you can create it quickly and without having to completely divert the road,” stresses Rebecca Peters, Vice President of the German Bicycle Club ADFC, which supports the movement on World Bicycle Day alongside Together with the German Radentscheide Alliance and the Kidical Mass movement.

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