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The pop singer in “First Dates”: Roland Trittle is completely confused

The pop singer in “First Dates”: Roland Trittle is completely confused

During “first dates,” singles' nerves are already frayed at first. After all, they can be seated opposite their dream partner in just minutes. Then Roland Trettl comes in and wants to have a chat.

Before the blind date begins, the host still wants to get some details from the candidates. However, when Tommy enters the restaurant, the TV chef can't believe his ears.

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“First Dates”: Roland Trittle can't believe his ears

Tommy greets the host with a hat, sunglasses and a casual Hawaiian shirt – as befits an immigrant from Mallorca. And the 50-year-old has something else with him: autograph cards. He explains why himself.

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“I've been living my dream there for two years and I'm a shower pop singer,” at least that's what Roland Trittle understands. The supervisor asks several times, but the answer always seems to be the same to him: “Bad pop singer.” The former judge of “taste” cannot understand this function. Then the penny finally drops: Tommy is, of course, not a “bath pop singer,” but a “party pop singer.”

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Fortunately, things go better when communicating with his blind partner. The 64-year-old Hayek immediately recognized Tommy as a passionate pop singer. He even likes to tell her about his self-penned song “This Moment.” It seems that the first common ground has been found, because “I am also very musical,” says Heike. The signing gift was also well received by Bavarians. Backstage, Vox viewers listen to Tommy's song.