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The police talk about extremism - but what matters is on the field

The police talk about extremism – but what matters is on the field

Police Chief Gregor Lange (left) unveiled an artwork Thursday that is supposed to symbolize the coexistence of different faiths. © Kevin Kindle


Police leadership introduced measures to prevent extremism Thursday (August 26th). Our writer says: The most important roles are played by those who were not there.

Police Chief Gregor Lange credibly conveys that combating extremism is very important to him – and also within his authority. after this Far-right tendencies also among many Dortmund police It became known, introduced preventive measures.

Football fans remember BVB legend Adi Preißler’s quote: “All theories are gray in life – but what matters is on the pitch.” And that is exactly what happens when the police talk about dealing with residents.

Police forces do not have to be radicalized in treating some people differently than others. Especially young people with dark skin can tell a song about it They are checked more often than others.

Employees must disclose

Police officers need to learn from their experience and identify criminals quickly. The external appearance of a person should not play a role in his assessment: his actions are decisive. More than 2,700 members of the police force are required to bring exemplary statements of their management level to the street.

In such a crowd there are always black sheep that do not obey all the rules. But then, it is up to your colleagues not to tolerate unconstitutional behavior, but rather to disclose it.