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The player spends $100,000 on Diablo Immortal and wants a refund

The player spends $100,000 on Diablo Immortal and wants a refund

Diablo Immortal, the smart branch of the PC game Diablo, has been a topic of discussion since its release in June.

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video game Immortal Diablo Since its release in June for discussions care b. Because the free smartphone is an offshoot of a cult computer game Diablo depends on one Pay to win form. In order to progress faster in the game or to beat human opponents more easily, money must be spent on virtual items that upgrade your character.

According to the calculations you should do Spend $100,000 To get the strongest possible character. The player and YouTuber get this amount Getssel Business Invested in Diablo Immortal. Now he is trying to get his money back from game developer Blizzard.

The number is very strong

Jtisallbusiness says that the game is now his unplayable. Immediately after publication, he put so much money into his character that he was able to defeat almost any opponent in PvP (“PvP mode” for short). After hundreds of victories and hardly any defeats, a YouTuber has a very big win match rank.

So it is no longer “matched”, i.e. a duo, with other, weaker players. Only when adding other players who also invested a lot of money in their character and win often as a result can they use PvP mode.

Denial of participation in the “ritual of exile”.

Jtisallbusiness encountered the game product Blizzard with the problem. The manufacturer claimed that it will be fixed in a few weeks. The YouTuber has been waiting for a response for a month now. He wants to participate in the “Rite of Exile”, the end game activity of Diablo Immortal, with his clan.

However, the prerequisite for this is that you have previously participated in PvP matches. But he can’t do that because his rank is too high. According to him already between 48 and 72 hours He was queued at once and still couldn’t join a PvP match.

So he can’t play the game he spent $100,000 on. That’s why he wants his money back. Also spend money to get it A career as a YouTuber to go forward. Obviously, he expected to get a lot of followers who would like to see his $100,000 figure in action. But if he couldn’t stream “Rite of Exile” and other activities in Diablo Immortal, he would lose his followers – so the investment was for nothing.

The player collects hatred

Jtisallbusiness doesn’t get much sympathy from other players. “Congratulations, you have just ‘won’ a paid game,” one user comments below current youtube video sarcastic. Another writes: “You have nothing to complain about, you got what you paid for.”

Jtisallbusiness’s expense is also mocked on Reddit: “When someone’s character in Diablo is nearly equal to the value of their entire mortgage,” one user commented.