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The platform will continue in 2023 •

The platform will continue in 2023 •

The Game Kitchen is working on a sequel to Blasphemous to be released in 2023. Part 1 will also receive an update.

Did you enjoy the Blasphemous platform? Then I have good news for you guys because The Game Kitchen is working on a sequel!

As confirmed in the evening, this is scheduled for 2023 and is currently still in early development. There are no articles yet.

“We are very excited to finally announce that we are starting work on a blasphemous sequel,” said the development studio. “The community showed so much love for the first game and we can’t wait to share more as soon as we can!”

Another free content update for the first part

Meanwhile, Part 1 will receive a new final content update this year.

“New beginnings mean new endings, and Wounds of Eventide is just that. It’s the final installment of the original rowing and we hope people will enjoy playing the new content as much as we’ve developed it.”

The free update is scheduled to be released on December 9, 2021 for PC, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4.

What do you expect in it? Among others, new bosses, regions and items.