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The pilot failed in the air - a passenger lands the plane!

The pilot failed in the air – a passenger lands the plane!

It’s a nightmare scenario in the air when the pilot fails. In Florida, an inexperienced passenger intervened – and successfully landed the plane.

The basics in brief

  • The pilot suddenly failed to board a private jet on Tuesday.
  • Without further ado, a passenger took command and the machine landed safely in Florida.

When a radio arrived at the Air Traffic Control Center in Florida yesterday, the horror was great. In one machine, the pilot failed due to a “possible medical problem”. The passenger reacts immediatelySupport is requested.

From registration that «CNN“Present, listen to the passenger’s call for help: I ​​have a dangerous situation here. My pilot is down and I have no idea how to fly the plane.”

Landed safely thanks to the instructions

The air traffic controller tries to give landing instructions: “Try to keep the wings level and start descending for me. Push the control arms forward, and descend very slowly … »

Successfully: With the help of the instructions, the average person has succeeded in flying safely an airport To land in Florida.

Can you land the plane yourself?

The maneuver does not go unnoticed. Additional audio from includes a conversation about the incident. A second aircraft controller reports to a pilot in the recordings American Airlines“I just saw how some passengers landed on this plane.”

The bewildered response follows: “Did you say the passengers landed? My God. Great job,” the captain said to the tower operator.

The reason for the pilot’s failure is not yet known. However, the incident is under investigation.

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