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The picture is supposed to show the missing princess Latifa in Madrid

The picture is supposed to show the missing princess Latifa in Madrid

An unconfirmed photo taken in Madrid of Princess Latifa, who is allegedly being held in Dubai by her family, is raising speculation.

The basics in brief

  • It is believed that Princess Latifa of Dubai is a captive of her father.
  • Now a previously unverified image is causing speculation.
  • According to this, Princess Latifa is currently in Madrid.

a default image Princess Latifa, missing at Madrid airport, has sparked new speculation her destiny guided. This is in Instagram The published photo is said to show the 35-year-old Sheikha next to a teacher named Sioned Taylor.

In the background, a terminal building at Madrid Airport should be seen. “A great vacation in Europe with Latifa. We enjoy exploring! Taylor wrote about the photo with a smiling, laughing face.

They both wear face masks. At first there was no independent confirmation of the possibility of seeing Latifah in the photo.

Daughter of the Prince of Dubai

Latifa the girl Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum. The Emir of Dubai and the Prime Minister of the United Arab Emirates allegedly held his daughter in Dubai for three years.

Latifa tried to escape from the tourist hotspot in 2018, but her father’s guards thwarted her. You must follow by force Dubai is back. Rights activists have expressed concern about the princess’ condition.

In video messages The princess said, she was locked in a villa like a prison. But Dubai’s ruling family said Latifa would be taken care of by her family and medical staff.

If Latifa did indeed travel to Spain, it would be a positive development, according to her supporters. It seems that you have a passport, you can travel and enjoy an increased degree of freedom. This was announced by the “Free Latifa” campaign in London on Monday.

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