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The personal protection of Bushido and Anna Maria Verchichi was very poor

Four years of police protection

So Bushido and his family suffered from clan threats

In the new RTL documentary “The Reset,” Bushido and his wife, Anna Maria Verchichi, tell how difficult personal protection is for them. The children and the mother did so much that they were no longer able to.


Bushido and his family were under police protection for four years. They are now reporting on their experiences in a new documentary.

I’ve had a hard time for years: because rapper Bushido, 44, broke up with the Abdo Shaker clan, he and his family had been under police protection in Germany for four years. In the RTL documentary ‘Bushido Reset’, he and his family explain how they lived these four years before migrating to Dubai in August 2022.

For information: For years, the rapper was involved in the “Abu Shaker” clan. The clan consists of twelve large Arab families, some of whose members are considered very criminals. In March 2018, the rapper cut ties with the clan. After the friendship broke up, the artist was a witness against the clan, and therefore faced four years of court hearings and personal protection. The court ordered personal protection as part of the witness protection program and paid for it with taxes.