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The partner “Voi” in Bern forbids backpack shopping

The partner “Voi” in Bern forbids backpack shopping

Filling your backpack with merchandise instead of a shopping cart and then not putting everything that ended up in the backpack onto the conveyor belt at checkout: this happened a lot at the Voi shop in Fischermätteli in Bern. Now the Migros partner branch puts an end to theft – and prevents you from filling your backpack with your purchases.

“While checking the bags, we found that often the food was simply taken without paying for it,” a Voi employee explains to The surveillance camera also caught several “backpack thieves”.

But even now – with a ban sign on – the goods are still stowed in their pockets or backpacks. “We often have to make customers aware of the rule,” the employee explains.

Migros Voi Partner does not have the same rules as Migros itself. You are still allowed to bring your own bags there. Even if each cooperative could decide for itself how it wanted to handle this.

says media spokesperson Patrick Stober when asked by For example, with a self-scanning system, where products are scanned as you shop and packaged on the spot.

That’s why you shouldn’t steal more, Stober says. Migros customers are “fundamentally honest, whether it’s with their Migros basket or their bag in hand”.

However, each Migros branch has a security system and random checks can also be made at any time.

Coop also doesn’t believe in banning bags. “Our customers need to be able to decide for themselves how they want to make their purchases,” Coop media spokesperson Kevin Platler explains when asked. Because the “most part” of customers is honest.