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The outsider wins after an exciting comeback

The outsider wins after an exciting comeback

The Kentucky Derby is the most popular horse race in the United States. 150,000 spectators draw the “Most Exciting Two Minutes in Sports” to Louisville each year, betting $200 million on events. And this year, the prize money was particularly noteworthy.

First across the finish line, aptly named Rich Strike, was a complete stranger. In fact, he wasn’t even eligible to participate in the race, but when Ethereal Road was dropped from the field the day before the race, Rich Strike inherited the starting point.

Kentucky Derby 2022: Rich Strike beats everyone

Video: Twitter / NBC Sports

However, the bookmakers did not expect any win. The outsider was sent into the race with a win rate of 80:1. For a long time it also seemed that he lived up to the rating rather than his name. In the last corner, Rich Strike was still in 17th place (out of 20). But then his amazing race to catch up began, which led him to the top.

No major overseas team has won a Kentucky Derby since 1913 and Donneral (91-1). And for once, an advertising slogan does justice to the event. Those were actually very exciting moments.


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