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The number of colas in Australia is rapidly declining

Colas are at risk: According to a new study, the number of Australian marsupials has been declining rapidly, shrinking by 30 percent in the last three years alone.

An estimated 32,000 to 58,000 koalas still live in Australia today.

Image: Keystone

The Australian Cola Foundation (AKF) announced on Monday that population is declining in all parts of the country, but especially in the state of New South Wales on the east coast. The number here has dropped by even 41 percent. Colas are said to be already extinct in many parts of the country.

According to the Foundation, an estimated 32,000 to 58,000 koalas still live on the Fifth Continent today. In 2018 it was 46,000 to 82,000. Within the devastating wildfire Summer AKF President Deborah Tabard said that 2019/2020 would have significantly contributed to the extinction of beautiful eucalyptus eaters. The WWF announced in December that more than 60,000 colas could have been killed, injured, displaced or traumatized in a fire.

However, this was not the only reason for the decline: Dabart’s view was that drought, heat waves and water shortages threatened the animals. “I’ve seen some landscapes like the moon – dead and dying trees everywhere.”

After all, land clearing for agriculture, housing and mining is “deadly” Australia Own colas, the expert said. Dabbart stressed that it is important to stop the removal of cola from habitats, “to protect our beloved national animal from danger.” (sda / dpa)

Good to see these 42 animal pictures right now


Good to see these 42 animal pictures right now

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