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The northeastern United States is preparing for Hurricane “Henry” – dpa

Myew York (dpa) – US Weather Service Northeast The tropical storm “Henry”, which targeted the United States, developed into a hurricane on Saturday morning (local time).

The National Weather Service issued hurricane warnings for Long Island and parts of Connecticut. Hurricane warnings were issued for the Flushing district east of New York City, where “Henry” is still expected to be a tropical storm force. He is expected to reach the ground from Sunday afternoon (local time).

Governor of New York Andrew Cuomo A state of emergency has been declared in parts of the US state due to Hurricane “Henry”. These include New York City, Long Island and a few other areas. In the United States, a state of emergency is often declared without warning because it means that responsibilities are transferred from the federal government to regional authorities.

“New Yorkers, please take this seriously and think Hurricane Sandy said at a news conference Saturday, “The effects of the hurricane are not as bad as they were in 2012, but it’s not sure if it’s going to be smooth. For New York City, he expects only heavy rain and a few small floods.”

New York City officials have called on citizens to prepare their homes for the storm and reconsider their evacuation plans.

Elsewhere on the Northeast coast, the commission said there was a dangerous storm surge and heavy rain from Saturday evening and Sunday. If the New York Times had hit the states of New England with a hurricane in the Northeast, it would have been the first such storm in 30 years. According to CNN, about five million people now live in areas under hurricane warning. A FEMA disaster control agency spokesman said large-scale power cuts were also possible.