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The Non-Working Class: The Non-Working Class: David Beckham exposes the Victoria lie

The Non-Working Class: The Non-Working Class: David Beckham exposes the Victoria lie

In the new Netflix series Beckham, Victoria claims to be working class. David exposes the lie and mocks it. The lying clip is celebrated on social media.

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  • Featuring previously unreleased footage, the Netflix docuseries chronicles David Beckham’s rise from humble beginnings to global soccer hero.
  • Academy Award winner Fisher Stevens (“The Bay”) directed the miniseries. The documentary is on Netflix.
  • In one episode of the series, Victoria says that she comes from a working-class background. But David exposes the lie.

“We were really working class,” Victoria Beckham begins her life story in the miniseries “Beckham.”

David Beckham speaks – from behind the door – and teases: “Be honest!” He asks his wife.

She continues: “I am honest.” But David Beckham does not calm down and continues to provoke: “What car did your father drive you to school in?”

“That’s not an easy answer,” Victoria objects. This depends on her avoiding the question.

David Beckham doesn’t let it go – and then Victoria gives in: “Well, in the 1980s my father had a Rolls Royce,” the 49-year-old designer admits with a grimace.

This scene from Beckham is currently arousing a lot of comments on social media.

The claim sparks a lot of comments

“The working class is defined by the rich elite,” one user wrote on X.

“A round of applause for #DavidBeckham who denounces #VictoriaBeckham’s hypocrisy,” another X user commented on Beckham’s scene.

Victoria Beckham, the luxury spice girl

Victoria Beckham grew up as Victoria Caroline Adams in Goffs Oak, England. The city is located a good hour’s drive from London.

Her mother was an insurance employee and hairdresser, and her father was an electrical engineer. They ran an electronics store together.

She grew up in a wealthy family, and Papa Adams would drive her to school in, say, a Rolls Royce. In the mini-biography about Victoria Beckham.

In 1994, she began her singing career with the Spice Girls. He became world famous as Posh Spice. Which means something like Noble Spice or Chic Spice. The name is Nazir.

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