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The NFL is surprised by the exciting return of Tim Tebow - US Sport

The NFL is surprised by the exciting return of Tim Tebow – US Sport

This is an exciting comeback!

Tim Tebow (33) has long been considered one of the quarterbacks’ greatest hopes in the NFL. But he couldn’t meet expectations – and disappeared from the league in September 2015!

Now TEBOW is back!

At the Jacksonville Jaguars, the former quarterback is just beginning to prep for the season – as a tight end! The position is a combination of a wide receiver (i.e. a passing receiver) and an attacking line (i.e. the defender of the midfielder in the moves). It’s a bit like Manuel Neuer turning into a handball player again. It’s similar – but something completely different!

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Reeve: “That’s ridiculous!”

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It remains unclear if Tebow will actually join the squad for the new season. Even NFL experts argue whether he could still pursue a career in another position at that age. That would be a miracle!

One thing is clear: Americans love the return of such stories more than anything else.

Tebow has never played this professionally before. In training, however, he impresses with his fitness. Plus, training observers have found that it finds its way around the running tracks better and better. However, he is said to have problems adapting to the opponent’s defense in the new turn.

A video clip of him grabbing a touchdown pass from new Jacksonville quarterback Trevor Lawrence recently caused an uproar on Twitter. If he can!

Coach Urban Meyer (who previously coached him in college): “He makes a very good impression! But you have to say that he lacks competitive experience in this position. For me, he is one of the 90 players who want to join the team.” In the end, he chose 53 players. He’s entering the season with them.

Quarterback coach Brian Schottenheimer: “Tim soaks everything in his new position like a sponge! He knows he still has a lot to learn. So he asks questions nonstop. It helps a lot that he thinks he’s a quarterback and can bring his experience.”

Who is Tim Tebow?

He successfully played in college with the Florida Gators. He was awarded the legendary 2007 Heisman Trophy, Player of the Season award.

In 2010 it was first drafted by the Denver Broncos. He then played in the NFL for the New York Jets, New England Patriots and Philadelphia Eagles, where his contract was terminated in September 2015. He has not played in the NFL since 2012.

He was never able to apply his consistently superior performances from college in the NFL.

After retiring from the NFL, he started professional baseball. He played in the minor league for the MLB New York Mets.


Without a helmet: Tim Tebow at the Jacksonville Jaguars training camp in Florida

Photo: James Gilbert/AFP

Children’s Books Books. He was a TV expert for ESPN. He made a movie as an actor and producer. He is married to Miss Universe 2017 Demi Lee Neal Peters and a South African model since 2020. Both met at a charity event in 2018.

At the beginning of the year Tebow announced that they wanted to play football again! “I know it will be a huge challenge! But I am willing to accept it!”

And now the NFL is amazed by its exciting comeback!


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