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The next OS leak almost completely بالكامل

The next OS leak almost completely بالكامل

Next week Microsoft wants to offer the biggest update in the decade to Windows. A leak already shows what the successor to Windows 10 can do.

The basics in brief

  • From Microsoft, there will be a paradigm shift in Windows on June 24.
  • However, the leak already shows in full what Windows 11 brings with it.
  • You can see the start menu, file explorer, and updated design.

after yourself Microsoft practically a betrayalThat the successor to Windows 10 is ready, it has now been fully leaked. The “The Verge” screenshots show the first changes that are coming with Windows 11. The updated user interface looks very familiar, but still introduces some new features.

Like Windows 10 – but simple

Ins Eye It highlights the new Start menu, which now hovers in the middle above the taskbar. Alternatively, this can also be rolled back into the corner, as with Windows 10.

The list only shows installed and suggested apps and files and a few options, the live tiles seem to be the date.

All icons are now also centered in the taskbar itself. The changes seem to be various concepts from now on Windows 10x to take over.

The updated file explorer, which now urgently needs a visual update, is also exciting. In keeping with the rest of the design, this one is also designed in a minimalist way and has new icons.

However, in actual use, Windows 11 looks basically identical to the current operating system. But it is clear that the tools that were first introduced with Windows 7 are back. However, in the leaked build, it doesn’t seem to be working properly yet.

Windows 11 is now right in front of the window

Other small changes bring, for example, an improved functionality for organizing open windows. Since the leak may not have been the final release yet, some innovations are still hidden.

How will the operating system perform in the end appear in the presentation. Microsoft He will be holding a major event for the successor to Windows 10, which begins on June 24th at 4pm CST.

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