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The new ZKB app: customers are angry, the bank is appeased

The new ZKB app: customers are angry, the bank is appeased

ZKB is under the radar. While CS groans, State Bank is enjoying huge profits.

The calm could end soon. The new CEO will “clean up”. The Cantonal Bank is seeing advances in “actions” these days.

Its new mobile banking services are to blame. The ZKB dark blue app caused some critical comments in the Google Play Store.

“I don’t see any progress at all with the new application as of May 2, 2022,” one writes and gives a star – lowest score.

“No more balance preview – with express accounts, value of investments is not included – total assets account is missing.”

The new show drops with the others. One says “I am very disappointed that the account overview is no longer clearly shown in ZKB”.

What is interesting is what the user has to report about an obvious technical error. “If you type a message in the app, you have to be very fast.”

“Because after a certain time you are automatically logged out (even though you are typing all the time) and all text is lost.”

The bank confirms that it will launch its app “as planned” in the Apple and Apple app stores on Monday The GoogleStore for Android phones.

“The new technical foundation enables continuous modular development of the application,” says a spokeswoman. “The range of diverse functions is constantly being expanded to include additional functions.”

We are open to improvements before launch and now. “We are constantly working on improving and developing the app in line with customer needs.”

“That’s why we constantly check all comments and implement them if possible.”

The phone at the service center seems to be ringing a little more than usual.

“Currently, feedback from customer support has been slightly increased, but it is in line with the usual level after this update.”