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The new update improves performance

The new update improves performance

From Sarah Petzold
Microsoft has released an update for its in-house Edge browser, which should lead to a significant performance improvement. The update ensures lower memory requirements and faster loading of frequently visited websites thanks to the disk cache.

Although Microsoft likes to advertise Edge as the best browser for its Windows operating system, the software has one problem: it consumes a lot of resources for its performance. But that is changing now, at least in part, thanks to the update to version 102 that the developers have just released.

Disk cache compression is not available to all users

Since the change in the memory system of the Edge browser ensures that the program is thirsty for performance: in the future, the browser will use the drive cache to make loading websites more resource-efficient than before. To do this, the browser stores data from websites that users frequently visit in a drive cache so that it can be retrieved directly from the cache the next time the page is called.

As a result, not only does the website in question load faster, but the browser also uses fewer resources, which positively affects the performance of the entire computer system – after all, the Edge browser’s resource thirst is no longer there at the expense of the entire setup. Edge also compresses the cache to reduce the browser’s memory footprint.

However, the new Microsoft Edge cache feature is not available to all users. According to the developers, the program first performs a hardware check to check whether the system in question is suitable for compressing the cache. The scan aims to ensure that the new cache feature can be used to benefit all users. After all, the cache is initially only available in Windows 7, Windows 8.1, Windows 10 and Windows 11 in favor of improved performance.If you want to use the browser in Mac OS and Linux, you should do without innovation.

source: The latest version of Windows