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The new single couple are going back in history again - that's why

The new single couple are going back in history again – that’s why

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Just two days ago, Erkan decided in favor of surprise candidate Maria in the illustrious Bachelor final. But happiness in love did not last long. What caused the failure of the relationship and to whom Erkan would have given him the last rose had it not been for Maria’s appearance.

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They sit dejectedly on the sofa at The Bachelor’s last big talk: bachelor Erkan Akyol (30) and surprise winner Maria Maksimovic (28). Even in the finals of The Bachelor, the two seemed to find love unexpectedly. However, one look at the tall faces is enough to know: everything that was between them – is gone.

A couple in love looks different.3plus screenshot

Why did you fail?

“I’d like to say I had a problem with my hand,” explains Erkan, grieving, searching for the words. Maria is sitting next to him. calm. Hands folded over crossed legs. Taking a look at the moderator Raphael Beutel and without any visible emotion, she adds: The communication problem arises from her.

Erkan turns:

Erkan: “No, that says…”

Erkan: “Huh, as Hani Itz claims we’d like, but… I have a problem communicating and…”

Beutl does not let him finish the sentence, but rather asks, “So that’s what happened?” Erkan confirms that it happened, yes. Maria nodded.

What she said about it, Peutel wants to know who Mariah is, at which point she exclaims with a quick glance at Erkan:

“I am fascinated by you again. Just awesome! I already know where the feelings I felt came from.”

“To me, you are just one of” — throwing her hands away in disbelief and struggling for words — “outstanding people.” He really has a big heart, she is enthusiastic and concludes the sentence with “Oh my God.” As if she could hardly believe her luck. Meanwhile, Erkan takes a sip of Prosecco. his look:

3plus screenshot

But wait a minute. You broke up, right? Didn’t Beutl want to hear her opinion on communication problems? Or was this an accurate representation of those connectivity issues?

She later explained her reasons for the breakup in more detail. The chosen one said that she was actually looking forward to getting to know Erkan better after the Bachelor final away from all the cameras. “Opinion”. But she is going through hard times. She has so many problems with herself that she definitely wouldn’t want to do that to anyone.

Of course, Erkan thinks that’s a shame. then:

“The moment you win with han dörfe gnusses, that pretty much avenges me.”

Opposite “Blake”, he also reveals who he would have chosen had Maria not appeared as a surprise: the rose would have gone to Marina. He had a conscience towards her because she was “like a flower”. He also felt guilt about Lidja, but with her he felt that she absolutely wanted to win. Exactly what he finds annoying about it, he leaves it open.

Yes, she worked her ass, she did feelings advanced, “Blake” disappointed Ledja says. In the dream date, things went very far between them and if you do not get the last rose, then it hurts. She feels a little taken advantage of, she admits.

“Coke or grass?” “Both are great” – Interview with the BA finalists

Video: Watson / Nico Franzoni, Emily Engkent

And Marina? This is shown in interview With an indignant “look,” until that evening, when neither of them had received any roses, she did not know that Lidja had slept with Erkan. But then Lydga told her what she was grateful for. then:

“If I were to echo the last rose and knew that then it would be with me.”

Thus, any hope of another attempt by Erkan has been destroyed. This is how the connection works. (a saw)

“We drink with all the Englishmen” – Liu Wasabi on The Bachelor Show

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