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The new Roomba sends photos to users

The new Roomba sends photos to users

iRobot expands its range: The new Roomba j7+ robotic vacuum cleaner comes with obstacle detection navigation so you can avoid everything. In addition, the home robot manufacturer is releasing version 3.0 of its iRobot Genius platform, where customers can use new smart functions for their robots, as iRobot reports.

pet guarantee

With Precisionvision navigation and the iRobot Genius 3.0 platform, Roomba should get smarter every time it’s used. It recognizes cables lying on the ground and can avoid them. He should also stay away from dog feces. “If he’s still driving, iRobot promises as part of the POOP (Official Pet Owner Promise) to exchange Roomba j7+ for free.” In addition, according to iRobot, the vacuum cleaner remembers especially dirty rooms, which you have to go to often.

Mobility and home app

If the robot approaches a wall or piece of furniture, the Precisionvision navigation system helps it. It lowers the speed so that the device can slowly get closer to edges and objects and clean them more gently, as it is also called.

Customers can use the iRobot Home app or voice assistants to choose which rooms the robot should clean. If Roomba has to cross an unspecified obstacle, it automatically sends an image to the app and users can give the bot instructions. In this way, the robot can be trained according to iRobot and gets smarter with each use.

An automatic suction station called “Clean Base” ensures safe emptying. The bag can be filled for up to 60 days before users have to replace it.

iRobot Genius 3.0

With version 3.0, the iRobot Genius platform extends modern AI solutions in the field of home robotics. The platform’s new digital capabilities include:

  • Cleaning when no one is home: Users can start and stop the bot with their smartphone. According to iRobot, the radius around the house can be determined by determining the location. Depending on whether the smartphone is in or out of bounds, the robot starts or stops cleaning.

  • Improved smart maps and automatic room recognition: By driving several times, the robot recognizes the floor plan of the apartment or house better and better, and thus cuts out the smart map individually. This would ensure smart home mobility, the company promises.

  • Anticipate cleaning times: Users receive an estimate of cleaning time for one or more rooms via the app and are informed of the cleaning process, while iRobot continues. This function is available for “iRobot Imprint Smart Maps”.

  • Low Noise Driving: With a “quiet motor” the robot turns off the suction function when it is not needed.

The iRobotics team is also showing off the j7+ at Home 21 (Source: Netzmedien)

Prices and availability

The Roomba j7 + robot vacuum cleaner with suction station can now be pre-ordered in Switzerland at for 999 francs. The device is also available without the suction station for CHF799 and can now be pre-ordered at

Incidentally, the Roomba i7+ from iRobot was the vacuum robot that retailers recommended most often for mystery shopping. You can read more about it here.