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The New Republic Square as a case study for learning and discussion

The New Republic Square as a case study for learning and discussion

Renovation work in Republic Square is now along the house. They should make an important contribution to greater safety in the vicinity of the train station (Photo: © Stadt Mönchengladbach)

Mönchengladbach. The nationwide “Bahnhofviertel Security Conference” is being held in Mönchengladbach this year

Republic Square is scheduled to open on September 17th. The German-European Forum for Urban Security (DEFUS) finds an example to learn from and is organizing this year’s “Bahnhofviertel Security Conference” at the invitation of the Mönchengladbach City Administration in Wittusstadt.

On the 15th and 16th, just before the opening of the square, scholars, representatives of municipalities, police, and other security experts will gather for the conference. DEFUS wrote in its event flyer that they want to learn from and advise each other using the case study “Rebuilding the area around the Mönchengladbach train station”. Then, the experts will jointly “develop new ideas for ‘old’ challenges in train station areas” in a workshop.

“The Mönchengladbach road to greater safety in the vicinity of the train station thrives on its comprehensive approach and the many shoulders it bears. We are very pleased that others want to learn from this example, and we are excited to see what suggestions and ideas we will receive at the conference for our future security work,” Annegret Ketzer says. The head of the Municipal Organization Office is responsible for Siko Vitus with Georg Lehnen of the Mönchengladbach Police.

The city administration and the police had already launched Security Cooperation (SICO) VITOS in 2019 to combat crime and neglect in the vicinity of the station. About 30 authorities, institutions and private partners involved in the project set a goal to make Republic Square safe, social, clean and attractive. To this end, several actions have been taken in five areas of work. In addition to the central redesign of the square, the concept also includes extensive work by street workers, adequate police presence, a clean station environment, green waste to avoid hidden corners, measures to revive the square and much more.

The redesign of Republic Square is one of the building blocks of the social city urban renewal program in Gladbach and Westend. The space of about 31,000 square meters behind the main train station will be completely reorganized and given a new concept of lighting. A greener environment, high accommodation quality and new recreation opportunities from the skate park to the fitness course should ensure the revival of the arena. Much will also change in terms of transportation. Less single motorized traffic and more space for pedestrians and cyclists is the focus of the conversion.

About the Bahnhofsviertel Security Conference
The series of events is a collaboration between the German-European Forum for Urban Security (DEFUS) and the BMBF project “Sicherheit im Bahnhofsviertel (SiBa)”, which is supported by the University of Tübingen (Professor on Crime Prevention and Risk Management) and the University of Wuppertal (Department of Civil Protection, Disaster Relief and Property Security) ).

The program and contact details of the organizer can be found online at