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The new mayor is Bettina Gerber

The new mayor is Bettina Gerber

Bettina Gerber of the Peace and Democracy Party won the municipal council runoff. Jasmine Hari ends up in second place. Gerber says why Monday will be exciting and who was her biggest employee in the election.

The first vice president is very happy. Your candidate has made it to the municipal council in the run-off. Jasmine Hari showed herself as a loser, she was the first to congratulate the winner.

Joy reigns

Bettina Gerber started the race as a running runner and eventually built. With SVP, she had the power behind her. In addition, the FDP issued an electoral recommendation for tanners. So far the vote has been enough. In a first comment, Bettina Gerber said: “I am relieved that the two-month campaign is over. I could have lived in second place.”

Gerber sends great mercy to resigning Mayor Niklaus Hadorn (first vice president): “Thanks to my campaign manager Niklaus Hadorn, he’s now working with the Presidency. Even if I wasn’t a first vice president, he saw that I was Bettina from Bliken. He always said that The party’s brochure did not play a role in this election.”

The next decision will come on Monday

Gerber also thanks her opponent, Jasmine Hari, for saying it was an honest campaign trail. Gerber asserted that Obersbach voted for the bourgeoisie in the September elections. The first meeting with the new municipal council will be held on Monday. First the sections are distributed. The local council will decide “the question of who will take the post of vice president will be exciting.”

Mitte member Bettina Gerber, on her future transition to first vice president, says, “The elections will follow in court next year, and I can’t afford to change parties at the moment.” However, she will attend the Senior Vice President’s Board of Directors meetings.

Hari can party too

In second place is Jasmine Hari from EPP. She got 704 votes. Commenting on her electoral defeat, Harry said, “Losing is never easy, but I will take it.” She is looking forward to working with the new local council. Why that wasn’t enough for the Presidency in the end is hard to explain: “Party strength certainly played a role. Maybe also the Covid bill mobilized a lot, who knows.” Even if that wasn’t enough for the Presidency, Harry could celebrate her 32nd birthday today.

High post record

Turnout in Oberdesbach was a record-breaking 69.2 percent in municipal elections. Bettina Gerber received 61 percent of the vote, and Jasmine Hari received 39 percent. For national proposals, the turnout was 74 percent, and it wasn’t this high before, according to the municipal management office.