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The new iPhone 15 should have a titanium frame and a USB cable

The new iPhone 15 should have a titanium frame and a USB cable

On September 12, Apple will introduce the next generation of its smartphones

The countdown to its annual fall event for tech enthusiasts has begun: Apple has invited people to its traditional event on September 12, where the new iPhone is usually introduced. As always, there’s no official information ahead of time, but insiders have already gathered a number of details about the iPhone 15 in the rumor mill:

  • Four models are expected again: iPhone 15, Plus, Pro, and the luxury versions iPhone 15 Pro Max, and the sizes are unlikely to change compared to its predecessor, the iPhone 14; The screen dimensions are 6.1 and 6.7 inches, respectively.

  • The design remains essentially the same as the 14. However, higher-end Pro models will have a titanium (formerly stainless steel) frame. This makes the devices lighter and more durable.

You no longer need your Apple charging cable

The most obvious change concerns the charging cable connection: according to insiders on the MacRumors portal, the iPhone 15 comes with a USB-C socket. Apple’s Lightning connector and the need for a special charging cable for the iPhone would be historic. In the future, you can also borrow a cable from an Android smartphone user to charge your iPhone. The US tech giant is likely to switch to USB before the European Union requires standardized cables for mobile phones in Europe from the end of 2024.

A new color for the main model: Barbie pink!

  • The cameras are being updated further, as is the case every year. The standard 15 and 15 Plus models also get a 48-megapixel main camera. The luxury device iPhone 15 Pro Max will likely be revolutionary: the camera will be equipped with a periscope lens for very powerful zoom.

  • iPhone 15 users will likely get used to muting the device: the traditional toggle switch on the side will disappear and silent mode will be activated in the future using a virtual action button.

  • There is a lot of speculation about the colors of the new iPhones. According to reports, there will no longer be a gold version. The base 15 and 15 Plus models are said to come in black, green, blue, yellow and — look out, Barbie alert! – Pink color. iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max will be available in navy blue, silver, black and space gray.

  • Regarding iPhone 15 prices, there are growing rumors that the Pro models will become more expensive again. We’re talking about up to 1,600 euros for the smallest version of the iPhone 15 Pro Max (the predecessor 14 Pro Max was available from 1,449 euros). If there is no increase in the base model iPhone 15, it could cost from 999 euros like the 14.

  • When will the iPhone 15 be available? It is very likely that pre-orders will start on the Friday after the presentation, which will be September 15th. The first devices could then be delivered on September 22.