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The new head of ZKB guarantees a great exit

The new head of ZKB guarantees a great exit

In fact, Monica Dreyer would be the perfect actor. Woman, marketing, bank – what more could you ask for?

But now Dreyer jumps—”emotional marketingan expert in branding and strategy for more than 20 years” – as Chief Marketing Officer at Zürcher Kantonalbank.

This is after more than 17 years in the service of number 1 among state institutes. And just on the eve of a historic change in leadership.

At the end of the month, he will leave Martin Scholl, who has been in charge of operations at Bahnhofstrasse 9 in Zurich since 2007.

With Urs Baumann, “No Name” takes charge. Although the Zurich native has grown up quite a bit at Zug Partners Group, he has never been one of the influential people at the private equity giant Zug.

At the Bührle-Bank IHAG, Baumann also got into scandal as a member of the board of directors. Black money and money laundering. The board hasn’t stopped one of IHAG’s top bankers from moving money through Singapore for years.

Baumann is advancing to a major position: under Scholl, the ZKB has become a force in asset management and an alternative to the big banks in investment banking.

With profits of about a billion, the residents of Zurich are making money like hay. The strength of the financial city.

Where’s the new guy putting the lever? What is his plan?

The world is groping in the dark. But the characters are growing. ZKB is looking for a chief of staff. He is the best friend of the new great president.

“The staff of the CEO of Zürcher Kantonalbank actively supports him in the strategic development of our bank and its offerings,” the bank wrote in its job announcement.

“The activities and projects reflect the diversity that the World Bank offers to its clients.” A “competent, empathetic and committed” personality is required.

Schul is still on the trigger. On Friday, the retired banker will be in front of the media for the last time; He presents the half-year results of ZKB, which should shine again.

On August 31st, it will surely be over. Bye Martin, Hoy Urs says. But the novelty is already causing outrage on the individual front. It may just be the beginning.

A ZKB spokesperson said upon request that they would not comment on personal details.