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The new fusion reactor is to be built in the UK

A Canadian company has announced that construction will begin next year Fusionsreaktors In England தோ டங்கும். That plan General fusion Implementation is financially supported by the UK Government. It is said that the size of the commercial fusion furnace is 70 per cent, but no power can be generated. Rather, it should demonstrate the practicality of the furnace design. General Fusion’s investors are Amazon millionaires Jeff Bezos.

A site in the southern district of Oxfordshire has been selected as the site. According to one, the government believes BBC reportHundreds of jobs“During the construction phase and after ordering some posts. With a completion 2025 Is expected.

Although no specific figures have been officially announced, the BBC says the total investment for the project should be around $ 400 million Amount.

Nuclear fusion as a beacon of hope

Nuclear fusion is considered to be the best hope for the clean energy of the future. So theoretically eco-friendly electricity can be generated almost indefinitely. For this purpose, especially hot plasma atoms combine with each other to generate electricity using the resulting thermal energy. No access to anyone.

Such a furnace is not in regular operation anywhere in the world. However, several tests are running In China. And later in Europe 2007 Worked on a similar project. In the fusion furnace ITER France includes the European Union, Switzerland, the United States, China, South Korea, Japan, Russia and India. Regular activity will be early 2035 May be included.