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The new flagship of Global Jet: For rent: Airbus A330 with bedrooms, shower and bar

The new flagship of Global Jet: For rent: Airbus A330 with bedrooms, shower and bar

The Swiss private jet charter company now also has an Airbus A330 in its portfolio. Global Jet specifically targets wealthy customers.

About three months ago, Global Jet posted a job advertisement. The private jet charter provider was looking for a Captain and First Officer with type ratings for an Airbus A330. The ad appears to have been a success. Since last week, customers have been able to charter long-haul aircraft from Switzerland.

The aircraft bearing registration number P4-MLO was not always a business aircraft. It was only converted into an ACJ aircraft in 2015 by Comlux, also a Swiss company specializing in buying, selling, operating and leasing aircraft for VIP clients. The abbreviation stands for Airbus Corporate Jet. Previously, the A330-200, which will be delivered in 2022, was in service with Emirates for approximately 11 years.

31 instead of the previous 237 places

While the Emirates Airbus A330 aircraft had 237 seats, the aircraft now offers space for only 31 passengers. Thanks to the three cargo spaces, you can take more than 500 pieces of luggage with you, Global Jet reports. However, pets are prohibited on board.

The cabin is divided into several areas, including two VIP bedrooms with private bathrooms and showers, a spacious conference and dining area, and a guest area with 16 first class seats. There is also a lounge bar where travelers can enjoy a cocktail and watch TV.

Two bedrooms with private bathrooms

The current cabin was installed in 2019 under Comlux sponsorship. The Airbus also has high-speed WiFi and state-of-the-art entertainment systems such as Apple TV, DVD and Blu-Ray players, and numerous high-resolution screens. In terms of color, the entire cabin is kept in very light colours.

Strategically, the aircraft is based in Hong Kong to be able to reach global customers quickly, GlobalJet says. The A330 is currently the largest aircraft in the fleet. In addition to several classic business jets, customers can choose between a converted Airbus A318, two A319s, an A320 and two Boeing 737s.

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