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The New Balance sneaker is the trending shoe for Spring 2023

This athletic running shoe is a must-have for the stylish 2023 season

Josephine HJ wears it, Matilda DeGerff loves it and we also see Swantje Soemmer’s sneakers all the time. It is more than clear: New Balance Model 530 We need to play in the fashion game in 2023. With a sidewall sole, reinforced toe cap and a mix of mesh and synthetic materials, the trend shoe instantly stands out. Unlike the chunky sneaker that was once popular, the sneaker has a narrow shape and thus can be perfectly integrated into a feminine look despite its sporty design. Very simple in white with color accents that you can choose according to your taste, the New Balance sneakers are also perfect for every look.

This is how you organize your running shoes

The aforementioned fashion pros also prove its versatility in styling. You love the sneaker with wide-leg jeans and joggers, but you can also team it with short dresses and flowing skirts. If you want to secure the desired form, you will &other stories look for it. The fashion group, which always offers us beautiful pieces, still has the kicks that are sold out very quickly, in different colors and sizes. Our tip: For the latter, we recommend going a half size or one size up, because the shoe doesn’t fit a bit.