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The new Adrift journey takes you to a parallel world almost devoid of life

The new Adrift journey takes you to a parallel world almost devoid of life

Sci-fi adventure No Man's Sky has been a long-running success since its release in 2016 thanks to countless free updates, after heavy criticism that much of the game's content shown in trailers was simply missing upon release and the game's procedurally generated world. The space game seemed “empty”. Now development studio Hello Games has released the 28th update, “Adrift,” which brings a semi-rigid parallel world as a new expedition.

Adrift Journey aims to convey the feeling of loneliness in space

“I still remember the early, unreleased versions of No Man's Sky, where there were no NPCs, no shops, no help at all… just you, the player, a tiny dot lost in infinity,” the Hello founder wrote – Games Sean Murray. In the Release notes To update Adrift. This feeling of loneliness and “lost in space”, which, according to Murray, also prevailed in the original version of No Man's Sky as of 2016, is intended to be brought back in the new update through an expedition into an almost inanimate parallel world. .

Source: Hello Games

The new Iron Vulture spaceship serves as a safe haven in the hostile universe of Mission Adrift.

Due to the absence of other friendly life forms, there is no work or trade in the parallel universe of Adrift Expedition. There are also no shortcuts or other tools that would significantly change the survival experience. However, the 13th Expedition's parallel universe isn't completely static, as massive sandworms can be seen in the Adrift update trailer, and mysterious eggs are said to be scattered across the planets.

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