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The neighbors have much better opportunities than Germany

The neighbors have much better opportunities than Germany

Why is Yost Klein no stranger to Germany?

“I'm a Frisian boy, I'm a little Frisian boy, I live behind the dam”: With his cover version of Otto Falks' song of the same name “Friesenjung”, Jost Klein catapulted himself to number one on the chart. German charts last summer.

The song, created in collaboration with Waalkes himself and Berlin rapper Ski Aggu, stayed at number one in the single charts not only for several weeks in Germany, but also in Austria. “Friesenjung” has been viewed a whopping 19 million times on YouTube (as of March 5).

“Europe” is already one of the most streamed entries at ESC 2024

But the success of “Friesenjung” doesn't seem to be enough for Joost Klein: the musician, who grew up in the province of Friesland, now wants to shake up the Eurovision Song Contest in Malmö, Sweden, with his dance number “Europapa.” .

Jung performed his song on a special TV show last Thursday. The dance number should be understood as an anthem that addresses Europe and his father, who died early. “It's actually like a letter to my father,” Klein was quoted as saying in tz. “He taught me that people find their own limits, and that you can actually invent your own world.”

Since its release, the track has already been viewed 6.1 million times on YouTube. There are also 5.27 million plays on Spotify (as of March 5). According to the built-in ESC platform, songs released on the same day have not received anywhere near as many streams: so far “The Code” by Switzerland's Nemo has had a relatively small 398,146 plays. The same applies to “Liar” by Silia Kapsis in Cyprus with only 159,334 views.

Not only are things going well for Joost Klein in terms of clicks and streams, but the Dutch musician overall should have a good chance in this year's Eurovision Song Contest – at least if the current betting odds on still stand. Ghost is currently ranked sixth with 'Europe', behind Croatia, Ukraine, Italy, Switzerland and Belgium. For comparison: Isaac, the hope of the German Economic and Social Council (“Always On The Run”) is currently ranked 29th out of 37, clearly lagging behind.