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The Nanny: This is what Fran Drescher looks like today

Fran Drescher after 30 years

This is what the nanny looks like today

Fran Drescher became known 30 years ago through his “nanny”. Even after three decades, the actress has hardly changed.

Fran Drescher (64) went on to star as the Sheffield family’s nanny Fran Fine. The series “The Nanny” is still a cult series to this day. It was first broadcast in the 1990s. 30 years have passed, but Fran Drescher hasn’t changed much since then. She showed it on the red carpet at the premiere of the Netflix series “Uncoupled” in New York (USA). The actress still wears her dark blond and has the same cheerful smile as she did back then.

But Drescher is happy that she gained a few kilos after the end of the hit series. And in an interview with the Australian magazine “Marie Claire”, she explained that she was very thin due to stress. “When I sold the show in 1993, I weighed 140 pounds,” she says, adding, “By the end of season five, it was probably 115 pounds. I was exhausted.” She can’t wear most of her costumes from that time, but that doesn’t bother her: “I can’t be so skinny and look good anymore.”